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PCB clean production
China printed circuits, electronic circuits to sustainable development, to be from weak to strong, where the majority of SMEs, follow the small community of the model, what should companies themselves, it is very difficult. To change the form of business survival, the relationship between business and government must have a new pattern.

Industrial Park to establish electronic circuits, is to be the responsibility of enterprises over the past waste management, logistics, warehousing and staff life to the Government to undertake work to make government truly service-oriented government. Allow enterprises to fully develop production, R & D technology, upgrade, and increase efficiency. This is a new business development model, which is a new government and business interaction, the PCB industry will provide strong protection for sustainable development.

Industrial park in Tongling electronic circuits, electronic circuit Suining Industrial Park, Industrial Park, Dafeng electronic circuits, electronic circuits Industrial Park, Jinan Jining are speeding up construction of the park, at the same time, several parks will strengthen exchanges, promote park service functions improve.

Wuxi, Suzhou and Kunshan, including the Shanghai area as assigned to the Taihu Lake basin, the development of high standards of environmental protection investment will be constrained, regardless of how the retention of local government, will eventually allow so many companies can not long survive in this region.

Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and other areas over-concentration PCB industry, coupled with water demanding, so many companies no longer meet the long-term survival.

Our industry in recent years, there will be a larger pattern of change, to the transfer process in the enterprise, not the pollution has shifted, it must be relatively concentrated, for waste management to Quebao foolproof. Our industry to achieve sustainable development requires the construction of electronic circuits 12 10 Industrial Park, China (Shantou Hou) electronic circuit industrial base of the start, opening the park in Tongling PCB for our industry, thus breaking a new path.(From rigid-flex-pcb-china)

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