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PCB clean production

                                                                                                   PCB Clean Production
Sustainable development of China's printed circuit industry is facing many problems, one of the most critical is the clean production is energy saving, emission reduction, energy, efficiency.

For enterprises to train more engineers and technicians to enhance business efficiency, there should be more electronic circuit technology institute to upgrade the backbone of corporate CEOs and technology, staff management level and production skills.

China's PCB industry to move towards prosperity, we must improve the automation level of production as soon as possible.

Recalling the PCB industry, the development process of 60 years, especially in reform and opening up 30 years has undergone enormous changes, from small to large, from 1990 to 2007 for 18 years, PCB production value increased from 2.35 billion yuan to 1162 billion, achieved average annual growth of 25.35% of the sustained high growth, and since 2006, maintained a production value of the world's No. 1 position.

PCB industry in 2009 is the most difficult year, although the Chinese PCB industry has bottomed out, but account for 2 / 3 of the PCB domestic enterprises total sales revenue less than 1 / 3, while less than 1 / 3 sales of foreign enterprises accounted for 2 / 3, so the Chinese PCB industry, dragged down by the global emergence of negative growth --- the first negative growth of 5.6%. However, the performance of other parts of the world than good.

Beginning in 2010, the Chinese PCB industry will usher in a sustained and rapid development of another spring.

Establishment of industrial parks to change corporate "small community" model

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