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Electronics Reliability and Sustainability Focus of IPC Technical Conference
Karen Tellefsen of Cookson Electronics will explain how QFN packages are prone to tin corrosion, especially at elevated temperature and humidity, and how to mitigate it. Other papers presented during the session will help attendees discover how to enhance SAC composite solders through nano-particle additions and implement new test protocols to evaluate lead-free alloys on the basis of their physical properties.

To help attendees understand the influence that board strain has on chip component cracking and future quality problems, Steve Davidson, Delphi Electronics & Safety, will present his paper in “Design for Reliability (DFR) and Failure Analysis.” The session will also include papers on various failure modes, high risk assembly processes, and physics of failure principles and other prevention strategies in DFR.

In “Printed Board Fabrication Solutions,” Joe Kane, BAE Systems, will discuss the effect of moisture on electronics assembly scrap and more importantly, how to measure moisture content within printed boards. Other papers in the session will discuss sculpted flex circuits as an electronics packaging solution and HDI training & implementation. (From PCBTALK)
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